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Telehealth Policies & Procedures in the Post-COVID Era

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Telehealth Policies & Procedures in the Post-COVID Era

Though telehealth was growing before the pandemic, COVID-19 pushed it forward significantly. The need to speak with doctors remotely has never been more important, and people are more receptive to remote visits than ever before, as telehealth as a field is booming.

As we move from COVID-forced necessity to a comfortable new-normal, telehealth is settling into new standards. More people have access to the internet, and as a result, remote visits are accessible to the public. All of this data and financial activity requires more secure platforms that patients can trust.

Let's take a look at how telehealth policies and procedures are evolving as we enter a post-COVID world.

Telehealth Access for the Future

The days of needing a pristine computer and million-dollar internet access to see your doctor remotely are over. Internet service providers are offering better speeds and connections to most customers. This has created a world in which there are more remote visits than ever.

More visits, however, means a better connection between providers and billing companies. Insurers need to be able to modify and assess customer accounts quickly and accurately. Additionally, with so much upheaval in the workforce, there are more people on Medicare than typically would be. A telehealth provider needs to be able to interface seamlessly.

Your telehealth platform should help you organize and bill more efficiently, and make the process as simple as possible. This cuts down on your own time investment in the mundane and leaves you more opportunity to actually treat patients.

Telehealth Security for the Future

Data breaches are on everyone's mind, and medical data is the most secure there is. You need to have a platform in place that securely connects to patients and transmits their sensitive data without prying  third-party eyes. While patient intake done remotely makes for faster visits and better diagnoses, you also want to ensure the digital health of your clients as well.

ViTel offers an AI-driven patient intake process that helps you diagnose their conditions. Additionally, our highly secure data transmission can help you avoid the fallout of a costly data breach. The more security you can demonstrate to your patients, the more likely they will be to adopt this model of healthcare as well. More visits mean more revenue, which is a fairly wonderful incentive.

A telehealth platform with positive security features will encrypt incoming and outgoing data of course. Additionally, it must adhere to HIPAA compliance regarding messaging, including text messages and advertisements.

Developing Best Practices in Telehealth

Though virtual healthcare is quickly becoming more common, it is being done in many ways across the country. As things develop, the need for a unified approach is key to reducing error and making for a more reliable, healthier interaction with patients.

A large, robust telehealth platform like ViTel can connect patients, medical service providers, specialists, insurers, and every other aspect of the virtual medical experience. With each level of healthcare synced up, there is less space for human error, data loss, or endless waiting to see a physician.

When demonstrably better practices are observed in this space, the industry at large will catch on and adopt them. This is better for patients and doctors across all disciplines who are wanting a virtual consultation experience. As virtual visits become common practice, you can expect to see more legislation from the government in this field going forward. Better to get ahead of these changes by being aware of them as they develop.

ViTel Access is Your One-Stop-Shop for Telehealth Peripherals

ViTel Access offers telehealth training and news for physicians looking to venture into (or expand) telehealth practice. For those who want a more profound experience, our paid version also offers legal advice. We want your experience in digital healthcare to be as positive as possible, and we have the dedicated staff to ensure the best quality of service through our platform.

From credentialing new doctors to shortening referral times for your patients, ViTel is a powerful tool at your disposal. Better connection means better billing, service, and less time spent on administrative tasks. Since being overly involved in administration is one of the biggest complaints from physicians facing burnout, minimizing office time waste should be a high priority.

Come check out how ViTel is revolutionizing the telehealth industry with our free demo. We're connecting doctors and patients like never before, and the need for virtual visits will only expand in 2022 and beyond. The time to learn about and venture into telehealth is now and ViTel is here to help

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