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Enhancing Workers’ Compensation Programs With Telehealth

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Enhancing Workers’ Compensation Programs With Telehealth

As an employer, you'll almost inevitably run into situations where employees need to take workers' comp leave. While many employers have great benefits and leave allowances, it's not often aggregated in a way that is easy for employees to access. You might have the most robust leave programs and the best customer service, but your employees will be frustrated if it's not easy to navigate at a glance. In particular, with workers' comp, you have to be very responsive, especially depending on the state you’re in.

If you need to explore telehealth programs or want to improve your existing one, ViTel offers a logical, easy-to-use workers' comp program with our telehealth system. We make it easy for you and your employees to navigate the strange legal and medical space that workers’ comp occupies. This will give you and your employees peace of mind, allow your business to continue as usual and enable them to recover without stress.

The particulars of workers' comp

If an employee injures themselves or develops a condition at your business or as a result of working for you, they're entitled (in many cases) to workers' comp leave and pay. Broadly, that means that the government protects their rehabilitative leave, and they'll continue to receive paychecks, though often reduced from their full salary. This is an excellent program because it ensures that your employees can concentrate on recovery rather than how they will be able to support themselves while out sick.

Because state and federal laws mandate this program, however, there are a lot of necessary but complicated components. The employees need to submit paperwork to your office, and their doctors need to provide medical justification for their leave. In some cases, the interchange of paperwork can become even more complex if your HR believes another opinion is warranted or if multiple doctors are involved in the employee's recovery.

Keeping track of all this on paper is a confusing, messy process. Because of HIPAA laws, most doctor's offices will not email documents, and requiring patients to pick up medical forms and deliver them to work when they're sick or recovering is cumbersome and frankly unpleasant. A secure telehealth platform is a fantastic, modern solution to a decades-old problem.

How telehealth streamlines workers' comp programs

Instead of a world where your employee had to contact you for forms, submit them to their doctor, return them to you (physically), and constantly handle that back-and-forth, telehealth can do all of it. By making the process of filing a claim and seeking medical help digital, you can ensure better, faster results.

Additionally, telehealth platforms like ViTel can securely transmit necessary documents, so you won't have to worry about endless paper transactions and delays. Secure transactions made at the speed of digital transmission are preferable to faxes and hand-delivered forms.

Telehealth workers’ comp interfaces can direct your employees to the correct state government to ensure they have the proper forms. Since workers' comp laws vary from state to state, ViTel customizes the platform to work seamlessly with your state government. When you interface with us, you can count on everything running smoothly, with the correct documents every time. Additionally, we constantly keep up with laws in every state we service, ensuring that we move at the speed of life.

Finally, telehealth can help your employees recover by connecting them with doctors faster than they may be able to see a local specialist. Virtual visits are becoming increasingly popular across all demographics. Workers' comp can benefit from telehealth because it simply makes the process of getting resolution from a medical provider faster and easier.

ViTel can help with your workers' comp needs

Whether you're starting from scratch or want to add a telehealth-managed workers' comp program to your business, ViTel can help. We've built out one of the most advanced telehealth programs to date, assisting with every aspect of your business, from payroll and recruitment to patient intake and employee leaves. We even have a powerful system for the certification of new doctors, a process that, when done digitally, is dramatically less time-consuming.

Workers' comp is a serious aspect of business; you want what's best for your employees and your compliance with the state. Let us handle all the paperwork and information transmittals so your employee can get back to work safely and fully healed. Our workers’ comp system gets you and your employees the right legal and medical documentation, transmits it securely, and helps everyone stay on top of needed deliverables and their part in the process.

Trust ViTel for your workers’ comp programs, telehealth, and virtual medical needs. Contact us today to see the difference ViTel can make in your practice.

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