Our network aligns all facets of the medical field to serve a common goal:
A better, more secure, and more efficient experience at each step of the healthcare process for everyone involved.

ViTel Access Membership Subscriptions


Designed for physicians exploring telehealth employment and income opportunities who want to securely store and own their medical credentials, automating the hiring process and putting the physician in control of their data.

Access to:
  • Physician Vault: Secure document storage for quick and easy hiring. Store, own, and share your credentialed documents as needed.
  • Doctors Lounge: Online Telehealth Community – Join communities focused on telehealth and its future impact on healthcare. Learn, share, and engage physicians, industry innovators, and technology leaders driving telehealth today.
  • Access to our TeleBoard to find full-time, part-time, or shift work.
  • Telehealth Training Webinars and Online Training Modules: Become a better virtual provider – Join our bi-weekly telehealth webinars focused on delivering superior healthcare through telehealth or take an online course.
  • Telehealth Events Calendar: Trade shows, Virtual Events, and more. Your single source for what’s happening in telehealth today.
  • Provider Legal News & Information
  • Unlimited Accredited CME


Designed to expand revenue opportunities for independent physicians and medical practices. You can create a virtual medical practice or turn your brick-and-mortar practice into a click-and-mortar adding telehealth technology. Enhanced membership includes all of the benefits of Essentials... plus:

  • Accredited Credentialing: ViTel’s Enhanced membership includes PSV (Primary Source Verification) accredited digital credentialing based on data submitted into the Physician Vault, accepted by our telehealth service provider clients for fast and easy physician hiring. Need to join a specific provider group or payor network? Our credentialing specialists can contract physicians into any provider or payor network as needed. PSV is included in the Enhanced membership and provider and payor contracting are quoted by request.

  • Unlimited license to our Telehealth EHR Platform: Be an independent virtual physician and see your patients with our EHR platform or turn your brick-and-mortar into a click-and-mortar by adding telehealth. Everything needed to start and manage a virtual telehealth clinic or expand your traditional medical with telehealth. Want to open a virtual clinic from your home office – we’ll show you how.
  • Provider Legal Consultation (up to 1hr./month phone consultations): Have questions regarding licensing, telehealth rules and regulations, or liability related to telehealth? Speak to our telehealth legal counsel for guidance and peace-of-mind.


Designed for virtual and click-and-mortar physician practices looking to take their practice to the next level providing telehealth services to multiple telehealth markets, focusing on expansion and growth following industry best-practices. Premier includes all of the benefits of Enhanced... plus

  • Specialty Telehealth EHR Platforms: Workers' Compensation, RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring), CCM (Chronic Care Management), ER and Urgent Care, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Telepsych
  • Telehealth Practice Management
  • Advanced Business & Legal Support
  • Provider Legal for practice & employees
  • Specialized EHR
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Personalized website with Marketing & SEO services
  • And more...

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Physician Vault
Doctors Lounge
Provider Legal Consultation
Telehealth Training

Events Calendar

Accredited CME
Access to the ViTel Job Board “TeleBoard”
Optimized Calendar and Scheduling Tools
Accredited Credentialing  
Physician Network Contracts  
Telehealth/EHR Platform  
Billing and Collections Support  
ViTel Xchange Specialty Telehealth & EHR Platforms    
Telehealth Practice Management    
Business and Legal Support    
Revenue Cycle Management    
Personalized Website    
Marketing and SEO Services    

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