Workers' Compensation

ViTel Health delivers a robust and comprehensive telehealth EHR for workers' compensation injuries. See your patient at the point-of-injury and move them to MMI faster, at a reduced cost.


Are you an independent physician, medical clinic, or telehealth service provider looking for ways to expand your business or provide additional medical services to employer clients?  We are excited to introduce you to ViTel WC telehealth EHR platform, the industry's first telehealth EHR for workers’ compensation!

See injured clients at the point of injury and take them to MMI remotely.

  • Reduce loss time
  • Reduce OSHA claims reporting
  • Reduce employers e-Mod rating
Vitel Network 2-1

The ViTel WC telehealth EHR platform is state-specific, delivering state-required forms and reporting processes. Even if you deliver medical services to injured workers today, our platform will make you more efficient, generating better outcomes and quicker recovery times at a reduced cost. Our workers' compensation EHR platform is designed for seeing the patient in the clinic or remotely. 

If you are a telehealth service provider focused on delivering telehealth to employers, we can show you how to quickly move into WC to support your employer clients.

Do you have an employer client that you treat WC injuries that has remote or out-of-state locations? Using the ViTel WC telehealth platform, you can see injured workers in any location and state you are licensed.

ViTel is the industry’s leading expert in WC telehealth, delivering the industry’s only WC telehealth EHR platform. If you currently deliver WC medical services, let us show you how to do it better, and if you want to treat WC injured patients, we have the best solution available.


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