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Tips for Setting up a Virtual Business Model for Physicians

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Tips for Setting up a Virtual Business Model for Physicians

Transitioning a traditional practice into a telehealth service, employing virtual business models, and remotely connecting to patients is a big step. There are many variables, from infrastructure to connections with suppliers, staffing solutions, verifications, and other physicians. Juggling all of that while trying to successfully transition AND run your practice can be overwhelming, even on the best days.

ViTel health's extensive platform and service structure can help with every step in the virtual business transition, or in the complete creation of a new model of telehealth service. From seamless, confidential credentialing to staffing solutions that prevent overage and keep your office humming, we can work with you to create a practice that thrives, virtual or physical.

Let's look at some of the most crucial steps in building your virtual business model.

Determine Your Services

Many clinics now have implemented telehealth services: remote access to clients where the only difference between a traditional visit is that you're simply not in the same room as them. Telehealth is becoming extremely popular, particularly because of COVID.

There are also asynchronous visits, which are short, chained forms back and forth between the patient and the physician. Though some conditions can be treated this way, they are actually very good for determining if the patient needs to come in or not.

Having access to an extensive network of providers for referrals can also be hugely beneficial for your practice. ViTel's network includes every single step in the process of patient care, recovery, and billing, including a robust list of specialists and ancillary diagnostic companies.

Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Since HIPAA requires the utmost care and protective measures be taken with patient medical data, it should be at the core of your virtual business model to invest in the best possible means of transmission. Virtual clinics and telehealth services often rely on communicating information with referrals, specialists, hospitals, and other doctors. This can be done—with the right network—confidentially and fully within HIPAA guidelines.

Confidential data is the last place you want to skimp, so ensure that your networks are highly secure. Employing a solid tech team is a great first step, but all of your transmission measures need to be as safe as possible. One of the greatest aspects of telehealth—the convenience and speed with which you can treat a patient and get them in to see a specialist—can be its biggest Achilles' heel if you're not careful with data.

Update Your Credentialing Model

Traditional credential assessments and certifications require human hands to get paper files, check their accuracy, and send them, usually via fax. This model has so many places where human error can completely wreck your practice; forgotten forms, missed certifications, out-of-date licensing, or simply the weak security that office fax provides. Everyone has insurance, but nobody wants to have to use it, so keeping up your credentials and licensing is utterly critical.

Virtual credentialing is the wave of the future, keeping human error practically at zero, and allowing for extremely short turnaround time compared to traditional models of credential assessment. By verifying the accuracy of the potential hire's CV from the start and uploading it onto a secure network, it can be pulled and used in short order. This allows you to staff your clinic and make the best possible hire in the least amount of time, compared to paper credential models.

Additionally, virtually tracking these credentials on a secure network allows you to keep up on accreditation, licenses, certifications, and required additional learning. Not having to worry about lapsed certification is a beautiful thing.

Ensure You Have the Best Possible Equipment

You want the highest quality internet access possible—streaming video to diagnose patients requires a great upload and download speed and plenty of bandwidth. You're going to also want the best possible equipment, from cameras external to your computer to tablets that interface seamlessly with your telehealth network, allowing you to make charts, diagnostic, and prescription history changes in real-time.

Evaluate Your Entire Behind-the-Scenes Process

While your passion is in treating your patients, there are many processes that go on behind the scenes that are necessary, from billing (payer and patient), intake, records keeping, ancillary services, and supplies. While you may already have a handful of businesses with whom you work now, if you want the most seamless, efficient virtual business, you're going to want to work with other businesses that are on the virtual model as well.

This may require you to reevaluate the businesses you work with, not because of a shortcoming on their part, but because they may hold back your transition or creation of a virtual business model.

ViTel can help you achieve your virtual business goals

From efficient billing and staffing solutions, to giving you access to an extensive network of clinicians, testing services, medical suppliers, pharmacies and every other step in the healthcare chain, ViTel is here to help. Your practice should be your main focus, and the better we can help with the peripherals, the better you can treat your patients. Increasing patient and physician satisfaction, peace of mind, and overall health are just some of the ways ViTel can help your virtual business model. Let us show you how with a free demo today.

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