Remote Patient Monitoring & Chronic Care Management

ffer effective ongoing care services, reduce hospitalizations for your patients, and create additional revenue for your practice

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

What is RPM?

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) allows you to monitor your patients’ chronic disease or acute illiness in real-time via connected monitoring devices and make quicker and more impactful treatment decisions.

60% of Americans currently live with at least one chronic condition, and 40% live with two or more, making meaningful chronic disease management a critical need in healthcare. There’s a shift in the industry from intervention to prevention, and RPM is part of that shift.

Need proof that RPM improves the quality of patients’ lives when living with chronic disease? The Veterans Association found that, using RPM technologies, patients saw a 25% reduction in bed days and 19% reduction in hospital admissions.

Now that’s meaningful disease management!


How RPM Works

ViTel’s RPM solution is a secure HIPAA-compliant technology platform that meets CMS guidelines.

ViTel RPM Devices

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

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What is CCM?

Chronic care management is the consistent treatment for chronic conditions ranging from mental health disorders to diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer's, or any chronic condition that persists six months or longer.

Since six in 10 Americans live with one or more chronic diseases, the ability to easily work with their physician on managing symptoms and improving quality of life is an essential facet of the healthcare system. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recognize the need for physicians to effectively provide chronic care management, and in response have developed new CPT codes to reimburse physicians for preventative medical services.

Sample of CCM ICD-10 Codes Provided by the CMS

ViTel’s billing automation ensures billings for RPM-CCM are maximized for each patient increasing your practice’s billing revenue, while reducing healthcare costs overall.

Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Virtual Care with Recupe from ViTel


Extend care for musculoskeletal injuries into your patients’ homes, helping them to recover and stay engaged with you. Recupe is a proven digital platform for virtual care delivery for all non-surgical musculoskeletal procedures—from surgery preparation to recovery. 

With Recupe, you can:

  • Give your patients confidence that they can stay connected with you
  • Expand your reach, while also increasing the number of patients you can see
  • Differentiate your practice with data-driven precision care
  • Get rewarded for virtual care

ViTel’s RPM & CCM Platform

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ViTel provides an end-to-end RPM-CCM program to allow you to be up and running quickly and painlessly. We even provide the clinical staff of nurse case managers to manage patients and patient data and handle the remote patient interactions, providing real-time feedback to adjust treatment plans. Our devices feature secure, HIPAA-compliant technology and meet CMS guidelines.

We deliver this turnkey RPM program, then implement and manage the CCM program for your practice. You focus on treating patients—we’ll take care of the rest.

Features of ViTel RPM-CCM Platform

  • Care Coach
  • Administration
  • Billing
  • Patient Setup
  • Case Management
  • RPM Devices
  • CCM Tracking

Revenue Opportunity for Your Practice

In addition to providing better care for your chronic care patients, ViTel can help you earn $10,000 to $15,000 or more per month in new revenue with our RPM-CCM program—and we do the heavy lifting for you!

Everything needed to begin offering RPM devices and CCM services to your patients is included in our turnkey technology platform.


What Patients Have to Say About RPM

Note: Names have been changed to protect patient privacy.

Mrs. Jane Doe is a 92 year old widow diagnosed with Diabetes and Hypertension.

She lives alone and has a private caregiver that comes in daily to help her. Her caregiver says the RPM equipment (BP Cuff, Blood Glucose, Pulse Ox) was very easy to set up and then use. It was very helpful that the blood glucose monitor came with the lancets and testing strips already with the equipment. The process made things much easier for since the readings automatically upload for the physician to use.

Mrs. Jane Doe is a 76-year-old with COPD, Hypertension, and Hyperlipidemia.

She lives alone and shortly after receiving her equipment the Health Coach reached out to her to help her get the equipment set up. She was surprised that the set up was such an easy process. Using the RPM equipment to take her vitals readings was very user friendly and the results were obtained quickly. That the results uploaded automatically and directly to the physician was a huge convenience to her. She likes that the Health Coach is available anytime she has questions and can help to act as a bridge between her physician and herself.

Mr. John Doe is a 71 year old with Hypertension, Anxiety, and Alzheimer's Disease.

Patient struggles with remembering to take his vitals so having the Health Coach reach out to him with reminders is helpful. He gets very anxious with anything new outside of his usual routine but after talking with the Health Coach who helped him set up the equipment and instructed him how to use the equipment he felt so much more at ease. He stated the equipment is super easy for him to use on his own and it is not a time consuming process. He likes how the results are immediate available for the physician to use. Knowing that if he runs into any issue he can reach out to his Health Coach is very comforting to him.


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