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Whether you're new to telehealth or looking to improve your telehealth practice, ViTel Health has the industry knowledge, technology, tools, and training to help you on your way.

As the telehealth physician’s trusted advisor and one-stop-shop, we are constantly researching telehealth best-practices, technology innovation, patient communication, provider legal, and more, keeping our Members in-the-know in the fast-paced changing world of telehealth.

ViTel provides the knowledge-base, technology, and training to help independent physicians stay independent, and a path for corporate physicians to become independent.  

Telehealth is the future of medicine. Join us on this journey as a ViTel Access Member.

Want to look under the hood? Contact us today for a demo of our technology and services to see how we can improve your telehealth business, patient satisfaction, and outcomes.

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ViTel Platforms

Vitel Health platform

ViTel’s technology platforms handle all of the cumbersome administrative work of running a healthcare business, while providing the latest in telehealth technology innovation. Whether you're building a virtual clinic or you want to turn your brick-and-mortar into a click-and-mortar delivering telehealth, ViTel delivers technology to drive success. Our technology automates credentialing, patient billing, and everything in-between so you can focus on your patients. We show you how to get back the hours spent in the monotonous daily upkeep of your medical practice using technology innovation and AI. We deliver technology and best-practices to improve healthcare outcomes, increase productivity, leading to a better bottom-line. 

ViTel has built the industry’s most robust and user-friendly telehealth platforms, with a built-in EHR, covering General Health, Workers’ Compensation, RPM (remote patient monitoring), CCM (chronic care management), ERs, Urgent Care, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and the delivery of Telepsych. Want to expand your practice? We can help!

Are you looking to stand out in the crowd of telehealth providers to increase quality of care and revenues? Ask us how! 

Do you have an employer you work with who would like you to see their injured workers at the point of injury vs. loss time going to the clinic for a non-emergency injury? ViTel delivers the industry’s only telehealth platform for workers’ compensation allowing you to see patients virtually taking them through the entire continuum of care from injury to MMI. 

There are multiple ways to expand your practice using telehealth and ViTel is the physician's trusted advisor to get it right. ViTel Health is transforming healthcare focused on preventive care driven by technology – Please join us on this journey.



ViTel Network


ViTel is a network of physicians focused on the future of healthcare and how preventive care and technology will improve healthcare outcomes, while creating a better, more enjoyable, and satisfying work environment for the physician.

We also deliver a network of ancillary services from lab tests and x-rays to specialty physician referrals to speed up and simplify treating patients. As the physician’s trusted advisor, we perform the due-diligence to ensure our members are working with the best service and solution providers available.  Below are some of the benefits being a ViTel Access Member:     

  • Have access to your own Physician Vault to securely store all of your credentials.
  • Communicate and join communities focused on telehealth and its future impact on healthcare. Learn, share, and engage physicians, industry innovators, and tech leaders driving telehealth today.
  • Stay up to date on telehealth provider legal issues.
  • Attend telehealth training webinars or take an online course.
  • Unlimited accredited CME.
  • Visit our Events Calendar to see what’s happening in telehealth.

ViTel Health is on a mission to change healthcare focusing on technology, preventive care and patient monitoring, best-practices, increased healthcare access, and faster outcomes where the physician is in charge of their practice, patients, and time. Our network of physicians, service providers, and others are committed to improving healthcare to the benefit of everyone in the care continuum. 

Come join us as a ViTel Access Essentials member to explore the future of healthcare. It’s FREE!


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Who We Serve

All points in the medical process, from doctors and staff to patients.



ViTel's vast network means we have cutting-edge resources for every aspect of your healthcare business.


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