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Whether you're new to telehealth or you're trying to streamline your practice with a stronger online presence and tools, ViTel Health has the infrastructure and training to help you on your path.

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ViTel Health handles all of the cumbersome administrative work of running a healthcare business. Whether you're building a virtual clinic or a traditional brick-and-mortar clinic, we handle credentialing, patient billing, and everything in-between so that you can focus on your patients. We show you how to get back the hours spent in the monotonous daily upkeep of your medical practice.

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The ViTel network connects medical providers to licensing, billing, staffing, and other companies that are vital to your operation. Our connections include all aspects of the healthcare experience. ViTel takes the guesswork and wasted hours out of the equation, streamlining, and improving all aspects of your clinic. Less busywork means more meaningful time with patients. Which, let's be honest, is why you got into healthcare to begin with, right?

If you're interested in how the ViTel network of providers and solutions experts can help you expand and improve your clinic, contact us today. We offer extensive training to customers, a free demo of our services, and learn-at-your-own-pace practice in the platform itself.


ViTel Health Network

Who We Serve

All points in the medical process, from doctors and staff to patients.



ViTel's vast network means we have cutting-edge resources for every aspect of your healthcare business.


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