Data-Driven, Comprehensive Virtual Care for Musculoskeletal Injuries

Only 35% of patients adhere to their care plan at home

Help patients stay on track to recovery with Recupe™


Sticking with a recovery program for musculoskeletal injuries is difficult for patients. Even when you give them all the right exercises, equipment, and encouragement, once they leave your office, recovery is up to them. But patients struggle to stay on track with recovery care plans for many reasons:

  • Access to Care: Patients may have trouble getting to a physical therapy clinic or making time in busy schedules for exercises.
  • Motivation: Some patients may lack support from others, or they can be easily discouraged, further delaying recovery.
  • Personalization: Each person and injury is different. Insights into home recovery are necessary to accurately personalize care plans.
  • Flexibility: Offering therapy opportunities at the clinic and at home providers greater flexibility.

Recupe™ supports patients in recovery at home to keep them motivated and on track with easy-to-follow home exercise programs. Recupe™ enables bio-psycho-social data-driven recovery and engages the care team to personalize care, intervene quicker, and reduce costs.


Leverage Recupe™’s Bio-Psycho-Social Methods to Better Support Your Patients

RecupeTM and Recupe CoachTM

For Surgical Patients

Recupe™ and Recupe Coach™ helps your patients manage everything from pre-operative preparation to post-operative recovery.

Recupe™ is fully customizable to your care protocols, pre-op, and post-op instructions.

Empower your patients to be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for surgery, and successfully recovery at home.

For Non-Surgical Patients

Recupe™ and Recupe Coach™ support patients in managing their recovery in the comfort and safety of their own home by providing them with easy-to-follow at-home recovery programs, including exercises and coaching, with outcome metrics.


Recupe™ for Simplified Patient Experience & Clinic Workflow


Wearable Sensor

Easy-to-use wearable sensor with proprietary algorithms to measure exercise.

Improve Recovery & Track Patient Progress with Recupe

Recupe provides you and your patients with an app and wearable joint motion sensors to track patient engagement and progress.

Complete Recovery Process with Recupe™ Team and Care Providers

Patient Intake

Intake sources:

  • Risk Team (where applicable)
  • Claims Team
  • Nurse Navigator
  • Doctor
  • Occupational and Physical Therapists/li>

Patient Onboarding

  • Patient receive invite to Recupe™ from claims manager
  • Recupe™ team sets up patient in platform
  • Recupe™ ships wearable sensor to patient

Home Exercise Programs

  • Augment PT/OT appointments
  • Prescribe PT at home
  • Standard plans available if patient access to PT is delayed

Patient Engagement

  • Recupe™ teams monitors patient engagement
  • Mobile app provides structure and motivation
  • Recupe™ coaches engage care providers as needed

Recovery Insights & Reporting

  • Real time and periodic reporting formats
  • Clinician app and email reports available
  • Timely non-compliance reporting and process

Program End Process

  • Recupe™ confirms end of program with PCP
  • Patient returns wearable sensor in pre-paid envelope
  • Recupe™ confirms end of program with claims manager

Why are Patients so Excited?


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