Recupe Physical Therapy

Deliver high quality outcomes and patient satisfaction by extending musculoskeletal care into the home for op, non-op, and chronic MSK issues.


Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Virtual Care with RecupeTM from ViTel


Extend care for musculoskeletal injuries into your patients’ homes, helping them to recover and stay engaged with you. Recupe is a proven digital platform for virtual care delivery for all non-surgical musculoskeletal procedures—from surgery preparation to recovery. 

With Recupe, you can:

  • Give your patients confidence that they can stay connected with you
  • Expand your reach, while also increasing the number of patients you can see
  • Differentiate your practice with data-driven precision care
  • Get rewarded for virtual care

RecupeTM and Recupe CoachTM

For Surgical Patients

Recupe™ and Recupe Coach™ helps your patients manage everything from pre-operative preparation to post-operative recovery.

Recupe is fully customizable to your care protocols, pre-op and post-op instructions.

Empower your patients to be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for surgery, and successfully recover at home after surgery.

For Non-Surgical Patients

Recupe™ and Recupe Coach™ support them in managing their recovery in the comfort and safety of their own home by providing them with easy to follow at-home recovery programs, including exercises and coaching, with outcome metrics.


Why are Patients so Excited?


Recupe in the News

HubSpot Video

Media Coverage

Check out this story from CBS News 13 in Sacramento, California, which covers the Recupe physical therapy, digital platform and what it means for practitioners and patients.


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