Telehealth & EHR Platform Agile Enough for Your Practice

Off-the-Shelf Telehealth-EHR solutions and custom development for specialty services and clinics

Telehealth & EHR Fit for Your Practice

ViTel Health is a full-stack software developer in telehealth, delivering off-the-shelf platforms in addition to flexible and affordable software development services for custom specialty-specific solutions* to meet your clinical needs.

Our telehealth technology is HIPAA-compliant and supports end-to-end encryption for best-in-class security and confidence. Expand your practice with telehealth.

*The e-prescribing module is standard and not customizable.

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Brick & Mortar to Click & Mortar Telehealth

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Off-the-Shelf Software

Build a virtual medical clinic with our industry-leading off-the-shelf telehealth platforms.
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Custom Development

Custom development, client-specific UI, and white-label options to ensure your success.

Off-the-Shelf Telehealth Solutions

Turn your brick-and-mortar into a click-and-mortar or build a virtual medical clinic with our industry-leading off-the-shelf telehealth platforms. Platforms include functionality for:

  • Patient-facing & clinic-facing intake
  • Create, manage, and schedule visits with multiple clinicians in one or multiple states
  • Integrated and secure audio & video connection
  • Access for multiple users simultaneously
  • Screens customized to show individual users what they need to see and nothing more
  • Integrated e-prescribing where physicians chose what medication to prescribe and send it directly to the patient-selected pharmacy
  • Streamlined chart views and simple documentation using prepopulated and user-specific templates
  • Simple ordering and task assignments for staff to keep your clinic running smoothly, even remotely
  • Ability to easily generate state-required forms for specialty-specific workflows in Occupational Health, Palliative Care, and more
  • Additional views available for outside clinical and non-clinical personnel as fits your practice (employers/HR, nurse case managers, health coaching, insurance payors, etc.)
  • Help new patients find you with a searchable public landing page

Adding telehealth to your practice will improve patient access, efficiencies, and practice revenue while improving healthcare delivery and outcomes.

Add-on or Stand-Alone Dashboards for Patient Health Management Include:

Remote Patient Monitoring & Chronic Care Management
Recupe™ Physical Therapy
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Custom Development for Telehealth

Do you need a specialized telehealth platform to support the delivery of your unique medical service or specialization or a medical device that needs a simplified and integrated patient and clinician dashboard?

Using our industry-leading telehealth platform architecture and built-in EHR, we can customize our platform for your specific needs. Custom development, client-specific UI, and white label option to ensure your success in taking your product or service to market or increasing market share.


Telehealth Platform Benefits from ViTel

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Secure cloud server data storage works anywhere on any Internet-enabled device.
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Cut down on wasted time and money on no-shows with easy scheduling and remote visits for patients. Integrated Fax, e-mail and billing cuts down on wasted paper and the patient dashboard saves on distributing printed materials. 
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Expand your geographic footprint. See patients from home, at work, or while traveling on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
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High-quality connection speeds, adaptive video to accommodate high and low bandwidth connections with end-to-end data encryption.
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Designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Seamless e-prescribing allows clinicians to prescribe chosen medication for treatment directly to patient-selected pharmacy.
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Platforms designed with built-in APIs, integrated with your workflows, practice management software, and engagement protocols.
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Our experienced support and development team delivers onboarding, training, on-going support, and custom platform development.

See How ViTel Will Help You

Call us today to discuss your custom telehealth platform needs or to request a demo of one of our off-the-shelf telehealth platforms.