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Join us for our free, 30-minute, ongoing webinar series that features thought leaders in healthcare discussing industry trends and sharing words of wisdom for healthcare professionals. The roster of upcoming webinars can be found below, and there is no charge to participate.

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Upcoming ViTel Signs Sessions

Click on the below webinar listings to learn more and register. There is no fee to participate in these sessions, which are only 30-minutes each!

Previous ViTel Signs Webinar Sessions

Vitel Signs S1 Arian Nachant

Taking Back Medicine & The Climate of Healthcare Discourse

Arian Nachant, MD, ABEM/ABHPM
Founder of Pallity

Vitel Signs S2 E1 Jay Sanders

The Evolution of Telemedicine: Boston to Mars and Beyond

Jay Sanders, MD 
Father of Telemedicine 

Vitel Signs S2 E3 Nima Alipour

The Art of Healthcare & Creating Greater Access to Care

Nima Alipour, DO, MBA, FAOCOPM
Founder/CEO of Alipour Medical Corp.

Vitel Signs S1 E4 Gary Goldman

The Business of Healthcare Multitasking without Dissolution

Gary Goldman, DDS, MD, MBA
Founder & CEO of 
Global Health Impact Network 

Vitel Signs S2 E1 Leslie Kim

Fixing Things & Returning to Patient-Centered, Value-Based Care

Leslie Kim, MD
Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Vitel Signs S2 E1 Paul DeChant

Resilience, Burnout, and Balance in Healthcare & Telehealth

Paul DeChant, MD, MBA
CEO, Healthcare Consultant and Executive Coach

Vitel Signs S2 E1 Leah Houston

Building Relationships with Patients & the Loss of Physician Autonomy

Leah Houston, MD
Founder HPEC | evercred

Vitel Signs S2 E1 Aly Bond

Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring in Fertility Treatment

Aly Bond
CEO & Founder NuVision

Vitel Signs Featured Images- Season 3-Wes Swen

Focusing on Treating Patients in the Evolving Industry of Physical Therapy

Robert [Wesley] Swen, DPT
Educator, Loma Linda University

Vitel Signs Featured Images- Season 3-Lyndsey Harper

Addressing Women's Sexual Health in Medicine

Lyndsey Harper, MD
Founder & CEO of Rosy

Vitel Signs Featured Images- Season 3-Brittany Busse

Setting Boundaries & Creating Meaningful Change in Healthcare

Brittany Busse
President & CMO of ViTel Health

Vitel Signs Featured Images- Season 3-Victor Waters (1)

Telehealth & You: Legal Risks and Benefits of this New Technology

Victor Waters, MD, JD, FCLM
Dignity Health & Law-4-Docs

Vitel Signs Featured Images- Season 4-01-Charisse D. Litchman, MD

Breaking Through Barries for Neurological Assessment

Charisse D. Litchman, MD
CMO & Board Member of BeCareLink

Vitel Signs Featured Images- Season 4-02-Dana Corriel MD

Celebrities in Healthcare & Owning Your Intellectual Property

Dana Corriel, MD
Founder & CEO of SoMeDocs

Vitel Signs Featured Images- Season 4-03-Sarah Clouthier MD

Private Healthcare Practice in the National Canadian Healthcare System

Sarah Clouthier, MD
Sarah Clouthier, MD

Vitel Signs Featured Images- Season 4-04-Jonathan Hall, MD

On 40 Years of Medical Practice and Helping People

Jonathan Hall , MD
Physician (Recently Retired!)

Harvey Castro, MD, MBA, FACEP

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Harvey Castro, MD, MBA, FACEP
Physician & Author


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