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Health Coaching for Mental Health

Health Coaching for Mental Health

In the fast-paced world where we live, stress can take many forms, and we often forget to do the things we need to do for ourselves in order to stay healthy.  When not dealt with properly, the stress of life can start to wear down our mental health. In fact, it is estimated that more than 43 million Americans struggle with some form of mental illness and this number continues to rise, especially in light of the ongoing pandemic, racial tensions, war, and political strife. 

The unfortunate reality is that most Americans lack adequate mental health treatment options, especially those Americans most vulnerable to stress and trauma. Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), mental and behavioral health practitioners, and mental health treatment facilities are just a few of the providers in our healthcare system struggling to manage the increased demand for mental health services. 

At ViTel Health, we are driven to work on fixing the fractured healthcare system so that patients are receiving optimal care that is accessible to anyone.  Our high tech, high touch approach can assist providers in expanding their reach and effectiveness in treating not only physical disease, but mental illness as well. Using technology for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) - in conjunction with the support of a Health Coach - is one of the ways we can achieve this. 

When a provider identifies a possible mental health concern for their patient, our ViTel Health team of trained and certified health coaches is ready to help. While each case is its own, a physician can - in general - expect the following: 

  • The physician requests that one of our trained health coaches contacts the patient to evaluate their symptoms and develop an individualized plan
  • The Health Coach becomes part of the healthcare team, working in tandem with the patient and provider
  • Health Coaches work with your patients to evaluate areas where stress is impacting their health and provide tools that increase their ability to manage their symptoms
  • Health Coach may also show the patient how their mental health and physical health are connected through daily monitoring of a patient’s vital signs
  • Our healthcare coaches can also take time with each patient to map out an individualized plan that a PCP or other provider may not be able to, due to time constraints  

In addition, ViTel Health’s Certified Health Coaches can/may: 

  • Help patients develop evidence-based skills to work through and overcome the problems they are facing
  • Bring a new and fresh perspective to show the patient how to reframe their thinking
  • Have many different proven skills to help patients work on their mental health
  • Use (CBT) cognitive behavior therapy and strength-based support for their clients

Some of the tools our coaches use are: mindfulness, reflective listening, meditation, and different relaxation techniques, just to name a few.  If the patient needs more supportive care or clinical assistance, the health coach can refer them to a mental health provider or practitioner within the ViTel network for evaluation.

At ViTel Health, improving the wellness and quality of life of your patients is part of our mission.  We understand that - while a lot of patients may realize they have a need for better mental health - many do not have access to needed services and many providers don’t have the resources to tackle the treatment of a mental illness. Taking care of mental health is integral to maintaining overall health. 

You and your patients have the right to thrive in life, not just survive or exist. To learn more about our Health Coaches and resources, and how we can help your patients thrive, contact us today!

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