Telehealth-EHR Platforms and Platform Development

Looking for a custom telehealth platform for your unique medical product or service, or an industry leading off-the-shelf telehealth platform ready to plug into your practice, or the ability to create a virtual medical clinic? ViTel has the solutions you need today!

Telehealth & EHR Fit for Your Practice

ViTel Health is a full stack software developer in telehealth delivering off-the-shelf telehealth-EHR (electronic health record) platforms and custom telehealth platform development. ViTel platforms include General Health, Workers’ Compensation, RPM (remote patient monitoring), CCM (chronic care management), ER – Urgent Care, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Telepsych. Our telehealth technology is HIPAA compliant and supports endpoint-to-endpoint encryption delivering to our clients best-in-class security and confidence. Expand your practice with telehealth.

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Need a Custom Telehealth Platform?

We also provide custom telehealth-EHR platform development. Do you have a medical device or service that needs to be supported by a telehealth platform allowing you to deliver services remotely to patients and clients? Using our industry leading telehealth platform architecture and built-in EHR we can customize our platform for your specific needs. Custom development, client specific UI, and white label option to ensure your success taking your product or service to market or increasing market share.

Off-the-Shelf Telehealth Solutions

Turn your brick-and-mortar into a click-and-mortar or build a virtual medical clinic with our industry leading off-the-shelf telehealth platforms. Platforms include functionality for patient intake, triage guidance, audio/video secure connections, rules-based access, real-time views for HR, nurse case managers, risk managers, and payors, ability to build peer review and specialists networks, scheduling, accessing ancillary services, e-prescribe, patient lounge, billing and much more.

Adding telehealth to your practice will improve patient access, efficiencies, practice revenue, while improving healthcare delivery and outcomes.

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Workers’ Compensation

ViTel delivers the industry’s only workers’ compensation telehealth platform and EHR. Do you have an employer you work with who would like you to see their injured workers at the point of injury vs. loss time going to the clinic for a non-emergency injury? Or do you service an employer that has locations outside your geographical area? ViTel delivers a telehealth platform for workers’ compensation allowing you to see patients virtually taking them through the entire care continuum from injury to MMI remotely.

Our workers’ compensation platform is state specific with state required forms, reporting processes, and state specific reporting built in. Want to make workers’ compensation easy for your practice? Give us a call.

Off-the-shelf and custom development telehealth platforms include white-label branding options with your logo, company info, and website color schemes.


Telehealth Platform Benefits from ViTel

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No software to download or equipment to buy, secure cloud server data storage, works anywhere on any Internet connected device seamlessly, remote secure patient connection.
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Patient Lounge

Patient lounge allowing patients to update profile and medical information, review encounters and treatment plans, schedule appointments and communicate with providers.
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Reduce waiting room congestion, increase the number of patients seen each day, reduce no-shows, increase scheduling flexibility, and automated services like e-prescribing and specialty referrals.
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See patients from home, work, or while traveling on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Initial visits, follow-ups, treatment plan review, and discharge encounters. Expand your geographic footprint.
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Reduced Hospitalizations

Patients have access to their provider from any Internet connection, reduce ER and Urgent Care visits, patients feel more engaged and connected with their physician.
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High quality and fast connection speeds, adaptive video to accommodate high and low bandwidth connections, endpoint-to-endpoint encryption.
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Our platforms are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Quick seamless connections between patients, providers, and networks.
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Our platforms are designed with APIs built-in, and we can integrate with your workflows, practice management software, and patient engagement protocols.
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Our industry leading support and development team delivers onboarding, training, on-going support, and custom platform development as requested.

See How ViTel Will Help You

Call us today to discuss your custom telehealth platform needs or to request a demo of one of our off-the-shelf telehealth platforms.