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Enjoy previous episodes of our free, bi-weekly webinar series with healthcare thought leaders, during which we explore trending healthcare topics, physician wellness, and telehealth innovations. To see upcoming events, click here.


Season 1


Taking Back Medicine & The Climate of Healthcare Discourse with Arian Nachat, MD, ABEM/ABHPM, Pallity

What’s it like being a physician on social media today? How can physicians make space for their mental health in unprecedented times? What can physicians do about the rampant spread of misinformation online?

Doug Sumaraga and Arian Nachat, MD, ABEM/ABHPM, founder of Pallity, Inc. and advocate for palliative care and advance care planning, discuss all of these topics , along with: strategies for physicians on social media; the struggle of declining respect for professionals and subject matter experts; the challenges of bureaucratic red tape when it comes to patient care. To learn more about Pallity, please click here.


The Evolution of Telemedicine: Boston to Mars and Beyond with Jay Sanders, MD, the Father of Telemedicine

Would you believe the idea for telemedicine started on a Boston highway in the 1960s? Hear the origin story from Jay Sanders, MD, the Father of Telemedicine and founding member of the American Telemedicine Association, on this episode of ViTel Signs.

Collect more words of wisdom in this chat with Dr. Sanders and ViTel’s Brittany Busse, MD, such as: the early days and methods of telemedicine; the limitations of telemedicine; how the field of telehealth is evolving through data and artificial intelligence; and how we could treat astronauts on Mars.


The Art of Healthcare & Creating Greater Access to Care with Nima Alipour, DO, MBA, FAOCOPM, Alipour Medical Corp

Providing patient care can quickly become a struggle without the right tools, access, or authorization—a huge challenge when time is of the essence in emergencies. Navigating and improving care efficiency while reducing redundant testing is the topic of this ViTel Signs episodes with occupational physician, Dr. Nima Alipour, and ViTel’s Doug Sumaraga. Topics covered include: challenge of bureaucratic operations in healthcare; how care is stalled by lack of authorization; streamlining processes through telehealth, communication, and transparency; and getting better care, faster, and reducing repeat testing.


The Business of Healthcare & Multitasking without Dilution with Gary Goldman, DDS, MD, MBA, Global Health Impact Network 

Doug and Dr. Goldman discuss the benefits of physician collaboration, the balancing act of life when you’re a physician, and leveraging a “clicks and mortar” environment through telehealth to increase access to care. The two dive deeper into: the quest for knowledge and lifelong learning; balancing life as a physician; achieving multitasking without dilution of quality across tasks; learning the business side of healthcare; fostering physician collaboration to solve problems; and improving access to care through a “clicks and mortar” environment. To learn more about Global Health Impact Network, please click here.


Season 2


Fixing Things & Returning to Patient-Centered, Value-Based Care with Leslie Kim, MD, Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Leslie Kim, MD joins ViTel Health’s Doug Sumaraga for a discussion on fixing things in healthcare. Dr. Kim became an orthopedic surgeon because he likes to fix things and solve problems. One of the biggest barriers to solving patient problems, which will be discussed by Dr. Kim and Doug, is the disjointed technology applications that don’t put patients and doctors first. Get the scoop on the need for human-technology balance in healthcare, integrating systems, listening to patients, and why when a problem seems too difficult, you should make it bigger!


Resilience, Burnout, and Balance in Healthcare & Telehealth with Paul DeChant, MD, MBA, Healthcare Consultant and Executive Coach

ViTel Health President and Chief Medical Officer, Brittany Busse, MD joins Paul DeChant, MD, MBA for a discussion on diagnosing the root of physician burnout and insighting organizational change. They will explore the resilience of physicians, physician empowerment, when technology is a tool versus a hindrance, how workplace culture impacts physician wellbeing, and more. Get insights into Dr. DeChant’s mindful approach to organizational wellness and bringing providers and administrative staff together as a team. To learn more about Dr. DeChant and his services, please click here.


Building Relationships w/ Patients & the Loss of Physician Autonomy with Leah Houston, MD, HPEC | evercred

For this session, Doug Sumaraga will be joined by emergency specialist and founder and CEO of HPEC and evercred, Leah Houston, MD for a discussion on how critical face-to-face time with patients is to good care. Doug and Dr. Houston will cover the challenges of providing good care when time with patients is limited, the evolving role of technology in physician autonomy, and the need for physicians to own their own credentials — part of the mission of Dr. Houston’s company, evercred. To learn more about HPEC, please click here and to learn more about evercred, please click here.


Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring in Fertility Treatment with Aly Bond, NuVision

ViTel’s Dr. Busse will be joined by founder and CEO of NuVision, Aly Bond. NuVision offers affordable, comprehensive, personalized care and attention for patients starting their fertility journey. In their talk, Dr. Busse and Bond will discuss how telehealth and remote patient monitoring are integral to comprehensive care and attention needed throughout a fertility journey, including addressing mental health and increasing comfort for patient and partner and using RPM technology to track ovulation. To learn more about NuVision, please click here.


Season 3


Focus on Treating Patients in the Evolving Industry of PT with Robert [Wesley] Swen, DPT, Loma Linda University

Doug Sumaraga chats with Robert [Wesley] Swen, DPT, about the most valuable aspects of being a clinician and instructor for physical therapy and how the field is evolving with technology and telehealth. In addition to advancements in technology for teaching and providing care, they also discuss the challenges of bureaucracy in healthcare and the disconnect between what patients and clinicians find valuable and what insurance companies assign value to. To learn more about Loma Linda University, please click here.


Addressing Women's Sexual Health in Medicine with Lyndsey Harper, MD, Rosy

For as long as Lyndsey Harper, MD, founder and CEO of Rosy, remembers, she’s wanted to be a doctor and help people. She was drawn towards obstetricians and gynecology because she liked caring for patients over a lifetime, but she found that there was a lack of care addressing women’s sexual health concerns. Dr. Harper and ViTel’s Brittany Busse, MD, discuss the hesitance of physicians to address women’s sexual health, how Rosy helps physicians and women connect with resources, and diminishing the shame for women about seeking help for sexual concerns. To learn more about Rosy, please click here.


Setting Boundaries: Creating Meaningful Change in Healthcare with Brittany Busse, MD, ViTel Health

During this episode of ViTel Signs, co-host Brittany Busse, MD takes a turn as our guest! Dr. Busse and Doug Sumaraga chat about how what’s fulfilling and what’s challenging as a physician go hand-in-hand, setting boundaries as a physician, and how we can create meaningful change in healthcare with technology. Get to know our co-founder Dr. Busse, and gain special insight into the ViTel Health story and our mission to support physicians.


Legal Risks and Benefits of Telehealth with Victor Waters, MD, JD, FCLM, Dignity Health | Law-4-Docs

For this session of ViTel Signs, we’re sharing a special conversation from the Global Health Impact Network World Conference with Doug Sumaraga and Victor Waters, MD, JD, FCLM. This fireside chat from the 2022 GHIN World Conference discuss the role of telehealth in the ICU, AI in telehealth, advancements in remote patient monitoring, and how telehealth impacts legal risks in healthcare. To learn more about Dignity Health, please click here. Dr. Waters is also the founder of Law-4-Docs; to learn more, please click here.


Season 4


Breaking Through Barriers for Neurological Assessment with Charisse D. Litchman, MD, BeCareLink

When Charisse D. Litchman, MD unexpectedly lost her sister to an undetected disease, she and her brother-in-law, a computer scientist, decided to become the change in healthcare to empower more patients and physicians to assess for neurological disorders. In this episode of ViTel Signs, Dr. Litchman and Brittany Busse, MD, discuss this barrier to access in neurological assessments and how the BeCareLink platform is revolutionizing detection and treatment for neurological disorders like Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and more. To learn more about BeCareLink, please click here.


Celebrities in Healthcare: Owning Your Intellectual Property with Dana Corriel, MD, SoMeDocs

Dana Corriel, MD, is the founder and CEO of SoMeDocs, a platform to help doctors connect with each other, share information, and learn more about building a personal brand on social media. Join Dr. Corriel and Brittany Busse, MD, in a discussion on what a digital presence means as a physician, why owning your own digital intellectual property is important, how physicians are the celebrities in healthcare, and the challenges with social media “verifications” for physicians. To learn more about SoMeDocs, please click here.


Private Practice in the National Canadian Healthcare System with Sarah Clouthier, MD

With a national healthcare and Provincial payor-based system, working in private practice as a physician in Canada presents different challenges than doing private practice in the U.S. Learn about Sarah Clouthier, MD’s journey in her transition from working in the national system to a private practice where patients pay for their own care. Dr. Clouthier and Brittany Busse, MD, discuss these differences and challenges, how education is an empowering tool for patients and physicians alike, and treating patients by working down to the root cause of their symptoms and concerns. To learn more about Dr. Clouthier's practice, please click here.


On 40 Years of Medical Practice and Helping People with Jonathan Hall, MD, Recently Retired Physician

Jonathan Hall, MD, has been on the path of medicine since he was five years old and his grandmother told him he would be a doctor. Dr. Hall went on to graduate medical school in 1982 and practiced medicine until he retired at the beginning of 2022. ViTel’s Doug Sumaraga interviews Dr. Hall on his many years in primary care practice and internal medicine, how the field and his role changed over time, and the impact of transitioning from paper to computer records in 2006.


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