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What are the Different Types of Jobs in Telehealth?

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What are the Different Types of Jobs in Telehealth?

While telehealth or virtual visits conjure up a very specific type of service—seeing patients via a secure internet connection and webcam—it actually encompasses all the secondary and ancillary processes that support virtual clinics. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Employment verification and staffing
  • Credentialing services
  • Referrals and specialists
  • Marketing
  • Medical supplies

There are also different types of telehealth jobs in patient care itself—general practice is only one of a variety of ways you can enter the virtual medical field. No matter your specialty or desired role, there's bound to be a place for you in virtual medical treatment.

Ways to get involved in telehealth

Start Your Own Virtual Clinic

If you have an existing brick-and-mortar practice, adding telehealth isn't difficult, especially if you have a trusted advisor to guide you every step of the way. Equipment needed such as a computer with a webcam are easy to acquire and affordable. Add proper lighting, and a quiet space and best-in-class telehealth platform and you are ready to go.

If you want to start your own telehealth practice, you will need to partner with a platform that services virtual medical needs, like ViTel. Telehealth platforms improve and secure every aspect of the virtual visit process, along with streamlining hiring, credential assessments, marketing, and a slew of other considerations.

Partner with an Existing Telehealth Office

You can also partner or work for an existing virtual practice. This is very common for specialists, as referrals within a virtual network are often faster and easier. Some virtual practices also simply need more doctors to help with an influx of patients. This is a great side hustle to make more money without any of the infrastructure and concerns that come up when creating your own telehealth practice from scratch.

Companies like Teladoc or MDLive will contract with you to see patients, and this is something you can do in addition to your normal private practice.

Other Jobs in Telehealth

There are many important jobs in the medical field that can be done virtually, and any doctor who wants to get started in telehealth can find a niche to fill.

Virtual Urgent Care

There are many times when people are feeling sick, stuffy, or otherwise ill, and they don't want to travel across town to be seen by their doctor. Especially now during the pandemic, seeing people in person isn't ideal when you could possibly diagnose them online. This saves them time and irritation and keeps exposures in your office to a minimum.

Virtual urgent care can help determine if someone can be given a prescription to treat a sinus infection or food poisoning, or if they need to be physically seen at an ER or in an office.

ER Follow-up Appointments

Like the urgent care business, follow-ups after an ER visit are hugely in demand and necessary. Ensuring that patients are healing correctly or don't need to be seen for further evaluation can save them time, especially if they're recovering from a traumatic injury where moving isn't the first thing on their "want to do" list. There's a lot of opportunity in this area as well, so you can find ample opportunities to discover you ideal option.

Chronic Condition Care

Sometimes patients need to have their vitals or medicine monitored and having them come into the office weekly or monthly is just exhausting for them. Gathering blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, oxygenation, or other vital statistics can be done virtually, and if medication needs to be changed, a prescription online is easy and quick.

Chronic pain can also be managed without in-person visits, using patient self-reported data. These patients are also likely to appreciate a reprieve from traveling into your office on a regular basis.

Counseling Services

Clinical counseling can be done quite easily via telehealth platforms. Chatting through telehealth platforms has become normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, so many people already have the experience to make a seamless conversation happen.

Medication Checks

For patients who are nearing the end of a long-term prescription and who will soon need refills, the hassle of going into the office to get them re-upped can be quite annoying. Providing this service remotely saves them time and allows you to see more patients who actually need to be seen.

General Practice

Seeing patients, providing baseline diagnoses, and providing medication is a very common part of virtual medical care. Whether you're providing virtual visits from your office to your existing patients or working with another practice, telehealth lets you see and help more people on a daily basis.


For specialists, referrals through insurance companies can be a bulky process, but within a telehealth platform, the process can be much more seamless. By providing specialist visits virtually, you open up options for offices to get their patients seen dramatically faster than they might have otherwise. When the wait times to see a specialist can be in the months, anything that speeds that process up is a huge relief for many people.

ViTel is here to help

If you decide to add a telehealth service to your existing practice, ViTel has years of experience in connecting medical services to doctors. Our platform is secure and powered by intuitive machine-learning processes that help you spend more time helping patients and less time on paperwork and tedium.

Contact us for a demo of our telehealth platform and see how virtual medical treatment can be improved with a trusted partner in your corner.

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