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6 Jobs in Telehealth for Occupational Therapists

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6 Jobs in Telehealth for Occupational Therapists

Telehealth has made many fields more accessible to those who either don't want to work in a physical location or cannot. Within the occupational therapy field, there are many jobs open to you that can fit your schedule and life-balance needs. Occupational therapy telehealth jobs are more diverse than almost any other specialty that can use virtual interfaces, and if you have an OT background, there's certainly something for you.

If you're already providing occupational therapy services, transitioning to a virtual model can be standalone or integrated into your current practice. Whether you're providing virtual consultation, remote therapy visits, education, independent counsel, or more, working with a powerful telehealth platform can be your first step towards enjoying the freedom of virtual work.

The Many Opportunities For Remote Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a thriving space with many challenging and rewarding career paths. The great news is that a wide range of these jobs can be done quite effectively either as fully remote or by adding a remote component to an existing in-person structure.

Adding a remote interface option to your current model is excellent for chronic pain patients or those with reduced mobility, allowing them to access your help without leaving home. Occupational therapy telehealth jobs also offer additional income streams through consultations or by filling up extra hours with work similar to what you already do during primary office hours.

While this list isn't exhaustive, it includes some of the most exciting and adaptable OT careers you can translate to a virtual model.

Creating Your Own Occupational Therapy Business

While working within someone else's structured office can be easier — you don't have to think of the marketing, administrative work, or billing — it does reduce your earning potential. Additionally, as the boss of your own business, you can employ other people or simply use the freedom to set your hours and schedule.

Partnering with a telehealth platform like ViTel can help you dial in your new business's administrative, billing, and marketing aspects so you can focus on occupational therapy and your patients.

Assistive Technology Consultant

People who need assistive technology can often be helped remotely through troubleshooting and education. They can connect with you to learn how to use their tech and contact you with questions. This is an excellent addition to an already existing business model, as are most forms of independent consultation work.

Independent Contracting & Consultation

Telehealth for occupational therapy allows you to pop in and give consultations around your schedule and with doctors and patients thousands of miles away. Technology will enable you to share your experience and expertise with people beyond your practice, giving them access to the help they need and giving you more freedom in your career.

Product Development Consulting

When businesses need help designing OT equipment or tech, they need to consult professionals like you. By interfacing with you remotely, they can stick to their deadlines, and you don't have to leave the house.


If you have experience in HR and OT, you can parlay that into recruiting occupational therapists for businesses. This is a great way to stay in a field related to your work experience but still do something a little different. And best of all, it can be done remotely.

Social Media & Education

With your experience, writing content for others or yourself in the form of blogging or copywriting can be a great way to make money on the side or as a primary profession. You can also develop a platform along the lines of an influencer, which can be tied to your primary career as an occupational therapist. Telehealth platforms can help you streamline your businesses, track your earnings, and stay on top of daily administrative and planning tasks.

Telehealth & Virtual Visits Open up a New World of Occupational Therapy Options

There's never been a better time to get into telehealth — the world needs virtual options, and the convenience is unmatched. Whether you're considering adding a telehealth component to an existing physical business or starting an online practice, ViTel can help you set up and manage everything from billing to hiring and administrative tasks.

Contact us today for a demo if you're interested in seeing what telehealth can do for you and your business. ViTel is committed to bringing powerful virtual medical assistance to patients and clinicians.

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