The Physician Services Cooperative

Physician-Led Healthcare Just Became More Accessible

Empowering Physicians to Lead A Healthcare Revolution

Whether full-time or as a side-gig, launching an independent practice should be simple, sustainable, and economical.
The Cooperative Membership offers scalable solutions to help physicians compete against corporate healthcare entities with solutions for:
Affordable Malpractice

  • Immediate Professional Incorporation Status
  • Inexpensive credentialing, licensing, contracting, and enrollment
  • Discounted Technology Solutions
  • Legal assistance
  • Attracting and accessing patients who are looking for a practice like yours

Annual Memberships


Open to all licensed US Physicians, regardless of practice, employment, or specialty
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Embrace the Benefits of Cooperative Membership

  • Voluntary and Open Membership - Full membership is open to all licensed physicians and Associate membership is open to medical students, residents, and unlicensed medical school graduates.
  • Democratic Member Control - Our Advisory Board is elected by a vote of the members and we prioritize advocacy on behalf of the physician community.
  • Member Economic Participation - Access to patients and multiple income streams helps you effortlessly grow a practice authentic to your skills and interests.
  • Autonomy and Independence - Unlike a traditional medical group or MSO all physicians practice 100% autonomously.
  • Education and Training - Access to CME and courses created by experts and physicians just like you.
  • Cooperation vs Competition - Members help each other grow and are able to refer patients to other members.
  • Concern for Community - Healthcare in the US has been declining for years. You owe it to your patients and your community to do better.
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Reach Outand Connect

For more information about our National Physician Cooperative or a short introductory meeting with our Founder, drop us a message here.