Digital Credentialing for Physicians

Own and securely store the credentials you rightfully earned in residency and medical school


Own Your Credentials

Catalog and store your credentials in your own Physician's Vault as a ViTel Essentials Member. Imagine: All of your professional information and credentialing documents in one place that you own — with automatic reminders to renew documents as needed.

Or upgrade from the free Essentials membership to Enhanced and gain access to ViTel's professional credentialing service for employment, provider networks, and in-network insurance carriers.

What Does it Mean to Own Your Credentials?

Own what you earned. Owning your credentials through our Physician's Vault is about more than storing your credentials all in one place — although that isn't so bad, either!

Reduce credentialing time while job hunting or joining an insurance network and be the owner of the credits you earned in your residency, medical school, and any research you've worked on.

With ViTel, you own your credentials and have the ability to send an electronic credentialing package to any third party you choose.


Decentralized Identity and Credential Verification for Physicians

Owning your credentials as a physician in the digital age means having a secure, owned source of truth for all your work history, research, and schooling.  This is done through a concept of decentralized identity, which means you own and manage your credentials in one secure place online (like ViTel Health's Physician's Vault) and authorize sharing that information with other parties as needed.

In short, with decentralized identity, you control when, where, and who can review your credentials. This cuts down on the time needed for a new hospital or insurance company to credential you and puts you in control of the work and awards you've rightfully earned.

Learn more about decentralized identity, blockchain, and how they relate to physician autonomy in our webinar with Leah Houston, MD, founder of HPEC and evercred.

Typical Information Captured in the Credentialing Process

  • Name
  • Previous/other names
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Daytime phone number
  • Citizenship information
  • Recent photograph
  • Current CV
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Licensing
  • Specialties
  • Education and training
  • Residency
  • Specialty certificates
  • Career history
  • Patient age focus
  • Languages spoken
  • Hospital affiliations
  • Medical group affiliation
  • Practice address
  • Practice Tax ID Number
  • Practice phone number
  • Primary practice contact


  • National Provider Identifier (NPI) number
  • Board certification
  • Acceptance of new patients
  • Sanctions or disciplinary actions
  • Malpractice claims history
  • Proof of professional liability insurance
  • Continuing medical education documents
  • Peer references
  • Qualifications

Payor Enrollment Services for ViTel Health Members

Our payor enrollment services, available to our Enhanced and Premier members, eliminate the headaches, paperwork, and confusion when dealing with insurance companies and other entities that require credentialing. ViTel is your partner and navigator for the complicated process of payor enrollment. We handle the entire enrollment and provider credentialing process from start to finish — giving you time to focus on the important stuff, treating your patients!


Credentialing Manager

A dedicated credentialing manager to represent you with commercial and government payors.
Robust Network@4x

Application Support

All applications and necessary paperwork completed on your behalf with the desired payor networks and government entities.
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Status Reports

Status reports so you know where you are in the process with each payor.
Reduce Waste@4x

Credentialing Requirements

Complete all necessary credentialing requirements for each payor and follow through to completion.
Improve Telehealth@4x

CAQH Profile

Maintain and update your CAQH profile.
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Payor Contracts

Follow all payor contracts through to contract load date, and provide copy of fully executed contract and fee schedules to your practice or billing company.

Take Control of Your Credentials & Career

Join the ViTel Health platform today for free and start the process of owning your crendentials.