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The Evolution of Telemedicine: Boston to Mars and Beyond

with Jay Sanders, MD and Brittany Busse, MD

Date: July 26, 2022
Time: 11:30AM EST | 9:30AM MT | 8:30AM PST
Duration: 30 Minutes

Would you believe the idea for telemedicine started on a Boston highway in the 1960s? Hear the origin story from Jay Sanders, MD, the Father of Telemedicine and founding member of the American Telemedicine Association, on this episode of ViTel Signs.

Collect more words of wisdom in this chat with Dr. Sanders and ViTel’s Brittany Busse, MD, such as:

  • The early days and methods of telemedicine
  • The limitations of telemedicine
  • How the field of telehealth is evolving through data and artificial intelligence
  • How we could treat astronauts on Mars

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Jay Sanders MD

Jay Sanders, MD

Dr. Sanders is a graduate of Harvard Medical School, directs the U.S. telemedicine initiatives to G-8 nations, and is founding member of the American Telemedicine Association. He has had quite a career in medicine and education as the chief medical resident at Massachusetts General Hospital as well as starting and teaching in the Division of General Medicine at the University of Miami while also serving as he chief of general medicine at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Dr. Sanders was a visiting professor for both the University of Pennsylvania and Yale School of Medicine, and he served as the director of the Telemedicine Institute at the Medical College of Georgia.

Founded in 1993, the ATA is a non-profit organization on a mission to revolutionize healthcare and improve efficiency in delivery of health services.


Brittany Busse, MD

Dr. Brittany Busse has over five years of experience in Executive Physician Leadership and in developing processes and technology specific for Telemedicine. As a physician leader, Dr. Busse is a vocal advocate for the well-being of both providers and patients. She has been a featured expert and contributor for a variety of local, regional, and national media publications.

Her curiosity for innovation and technology and her excitement for improving the healthcare system is contagious. As the president and CMO of ViTel Health, she is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery and organizing digital health tools that augment the patient-provider connection and improve outcomes so that everyone can thrive.

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