Our network aligns all facets of the medical field to serve a common goal:
A better, more secure, and more efficient experience at each step of the healthcare process for everyone involved.


The ViTel Network – ViTel Access

At ViTel, our goal is to connect physicians, patients, employers, service providers, insurers, and every other aspect of the healthcare experience in a linear, efficient manner. We provide telehealth technology services that standout in our industry by promoting an online real-time 360 degree view of the patients case and treatment plan including access to a robust network of services such as CT scans, physical therapy, rehabilitation, lab tests, x-rays, specialists, physicians, and much more. The ViTel telehealth platform allows everyone in the care continuum to real-time accurate data for improved patient outcomes. 

The ViTel network delivers telehealth technology—for both emerging virtual medical practices and as an extension of traditional brick-and-mortar practices to deliver care—improving the physician and patient experience. Streamlined processes means less time spent working on administrative work and more time treating patients:




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We are building a network to service every aspect of the healthcare care continuum.
With more professionals involved, the process grows bigger, smarter, and more impactful every day.