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The Role of Threat Physiology in Medicine and Physician Burnout

with David Hanscom, MD and Brittany Busse, MD

Date: April 18, 2023
Time: 11:30AM EST | 9:30AM MT | 8:30AM PST
Duration: 30 Minutes

If you’ve ever heard “it’s all in your head” when it comes to burnout or anxiety, join Brittany Busse, MD and David Hanscom, MD, on this episode of ViTel Signs for a discussion on the physiology of burnout and its impact on our health. While these principles apply to everyone, Dr. Hanscom dives into how specifically the constant stressors from practicing medicine impact physicians physiologically, how this contributes to negative thought patterns and anxiety, and how the field of medicine needs to evolve to allow physicians to seek the support they need.

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David Hanscom MD

David Hanscom, MD

David Hanscom, MD practiced complex orthopedic spine surgery for 32 years. He quit his practice in Seattle, WA to present his insights into solving chronic pain, which evolved from his own 15-year battle with it. He eventually escaped from the ordeal and discovered that mental pain is the biggest issue. Anxiety is the pain.

His book, Back in Control: A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain systematically presents established  treatments for chronic mental and physical pain, which the current medical establishment is overlooking. The self-directed action plan is available at www.thedocjourney.com. It reflects the approaches of hundreds of patients who have escaped from chronic pain.

He recently launched a movement called, “Dynamic Healing” that recognizes the interaction between stress and one’s coping capacity. An overwhelmed person subjected to sustained levels of flight or fight hormones will develop unpleasant symptoms and serious illnesses.


Brittany Busse, MD

Dr. Brittany Busse has over five years of experience in Executive Physician Leadership and in developing processes and technology specific for Telemedicine. As a physician leader, Dr. Busse is a vocal advocate for the well-being of both providers and patients. She has been a featured expert and contributor for a variety of local, regional, and national media publications.

Her curiosity for innovation and technology and her excitement for improving the healthcare system is contagious. As the president and CMO of ViTel Health, she is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery and organizing digital health tools that augment the patient-provider connection and improve outcomes so that everyone can thrive.


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