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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

with Harvey Castro, MD, MBA, FACEP and Doug Sumaraga

Date: February 28, 2023
Time: 11:30AM EST | 9:30AM MT | 8:30AM PST
Duration: 30 Minutes

ViTel Health’s Doug Sumaraga chats with Harvey Castro, MD, MBA, ViTel’s Chief Clinical Officer and author of ChatGPT in Healthcare: The Key to the New Future of Medicine, about how artificial intelligence is impacting healthcare and the opportunities for physicians to use these new tools to their advantage. Dr. Castro and Doug cover the joy of caring for patients and helping others, Dr. Castro’s thoughts and work in improving the way care is provided, and the rise of artificial intelligence in healthcare, from ChatGPT to how AI is being tested in radiology and pathology.

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Session Preview:

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Harvey Castro, MD, MBA, FACEP

As a physician, healthcare consultant, and serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in the healthcare industry, I am committed to increasing awareness of digital health and implementing positive changes in the field.

My extensive background includes positions as CEO, physician, medical correspondent, and healthcare consultant, as well as the development of multiple healthcare apps and contributions as a medical correspondent for major media outlets. I am also the author of the upcoming book "Chat GPT Healthcare," which is available on Amazon, where I share insights and guidance for success in the healthcare industry.

My goal is to continue to make a difference by sharing my knowledge and expertise through consulting, writing, and joining a corporate board in the future.


Doug Sumaraga

Doug is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience managing and developing technology firms in the Silicon Valley as CTO, COO, & CEO.  As a strategic advisor and technology consultant to several Fortune 50 companies (IBM, SAP, Apple, Adobe, Agilent, Microsoft, HP, Northrop Grumman, Boeing among them), Doug offers business acumen and technical expertise as a transformational leader, architect, and “let’s get it done” executor. 

Doug holds Biology (pre-med) and Medical Technology degrees in the Adventist Educational Health System and found his passion in technology continuing his post grad studies in Informatics and programming at UC Berkeley.

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