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Private Practice in the National Canadian Healthcare System

with Sarah Clouthier, MD and Brittany Busse, MD

Date: February 21, 2023
Time: 11:30AM EST | 9:30AM MT | 8:30AM PST
Duration: 30 Minutes

With a national healthcare and Provincial payor-based system, working in private practice as a physician in Canada presents different challenges than doing private practice in the U.S. Learn about Sarah Clouthier, MD’s journey in her transition from working in the national system to a private practice where patients pay for their own care. Dr. Clouthier and Brittany Busse, MD, discuss these differences and challenges, how education is an empowering tool for patients and physicians alike, and treating patients by working down to the root cause of their symptoms and concerns.

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Session Preview:

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Sarah Clouthier MD

Sarah Clouthier, MD

Dr. Clouthier is a board-certified, integrative medicine physician committed to helping top leaders and professionals optimize their health, before it’s too late.

She is committed to shifting the misconception that we must sacrifice personal health and wellbeing to achieve professional and financial success. We don’t. Instead, we can optimize health to support higher performance and create longevity in life to enjoy what matters most!

In Dr. Clouthier’s private health programs, she works with leaders and professionals to get to the root cause of symptoms. She builds customized health plans that not only address the deeper issues, but also help detect underlying factors before they result in problems down the road.

Her private programs integrate the best of traditional, conventional, and lifestyle medicine, as well as cutting edge science and technology. They address each person’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects, creating the synergy needed to achieve optimal health. Dr. Clouthier’s programs address everything from heart health and hormones to a gut reset and brain health.


Brittany Busse, MD

Dr. Brittany Busse has over five years of experience in Executive Physician Leadership and in developing processes and technology specific for Telemedicine. As a physician leader, Dr. Busse is a vocal advocate for the well-being of both providers and patients. She has been a featured expert and contributor for a variety of local, regional, and national media publications.

Her curiosity for innovation and technology and her excitement for improving the healthcare system is contagious. As the president and CMO of ViTel Health, she is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery and organizing digital health tools that augment the patient-provider connection and improve outcomes so that everyone can thrive.

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